Nov 21

I’ve been messing around with some Tomica toy train sets, they’re quite realistic. I took some short videos of the trains and joined them up with Windows Movie Maker. Click here to watch My Train Movie.

Apr 10

Today I watched the year 6 Carnival at Kennedy School. While I was there, I took some photos which you can see here.

Mean while I also took some videos, which you can see here. I got a few videos of when classes were rehearsing for the dancing and drumming.


Feb 5

Euripides, Sophocles and Aeschylus normally took part in a playwrighting compertion in which the three playwrights present four plays. Out of the twelve plays, only one named Medea survived. though arcoding to the records, Medea was the worst but it surived for the longest.

Feb 25

Take the old battery out

2006026-TP600E-CMOS-battery-replacement 0011.jpg

Jan 13

On the 13th of Januray, I went to Stanley Ho sports center to  play games.